Thursday, June 20, 2013

Country #17 (Brazil)

Broke a border crossing record as it only took 20 minutes to exit Argentina and enter Brazil. As of 15 days ago it is no longer necessary for foreigners to temporarily import their motorcycles. Basically this means go straight to immigration get yourself stamped in and off you go skipping customs! 

Foz do Iquacu is the home of the Itaipu dam which still considers itself the largest dam in the world. Currently China is laying claim to this with their new Three Gorges Dam.

What makes the Itaipu dam unique is it is shared exactly 50/50 with Paraguay. 50% of the dam lies in Brazil and 50% in Paraguay.

50% of the employees come from Paraguay and the other 50% from Brazil

All electricity produced is split down the middle as well. Brazil uses 100% of their electricity while Paraguay sells what it doesn't use of their portion back to Brazil.

They spillway is only active about 10% of the year.

20 total turbines (10 for Brazil and 10 for Paraguay)

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