Thursday, May 23, 2013

Weird where one wrong turn can lead

I left Samaipata for the town of Villa Serrano, whereby I was assured you could make it in one day and it should take only 4-5 hours.  Now I new it would be another gravel road through the mountains, but I was amazed how beautiful and challenging the road was.

Due to my lack of detailed planning I also did not realize that I was travelling on the original Che Guevara trail (How cool is that).

Now due to my focusing on not driving off the road I missed the all important turn to Villa Serrano. But once again a simple mistake turned into a great experience. Little did I know by missing the Villa Serrano turn off and staying on the Che Guevara trail that I would end up in the tiny mountain village of La Higuera where the famous revolutionary Che was captured and killed.

Che was killed Oct 9, 1967
Now as cool as it was to be in this legendary town. It was actually a saving grace, since when I pulled up (2pm) I met a hostel owner named David. He assured me that even though I had only 100km to go to Villa Serrano it would take me at least 5 more hours. He highly recommended that it would be better to stay the night and tackle the road the next day. All I could think was what type of road takes 5hrs to go 100km? (stay tuned the next post will explain it all)

The actual hostel I stayed at was part of the original telegraph building where the Bolivian Army/CIA was notified of Che's location.

My room for the night. No power or heat just candlelight.

This is the actual telegraph office that called in the location of Che. I sat here and had a morning  coffee looking at all the memorabilia (once again damn cool). 

The town itself consisted of 10 buildings and a population of about 20 people in the middle of nowhere. So just by not paying 100% attention to where I was going a wrong turn turned into another great adventure!

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