Friday, May 31, 2013


Sucre was a great place to kick back for a week.

It had a great atmosphere, friendly people and was very white (and I mean the buildings). Seems every building was painted white.

Every girls dream a chocolate festival. 

Not sure why but there were chocolate shops all over Sucre. I had not seen this in any other Bolivian city to date.

Myself, Alex and Sonja from Germany 

I met them in the town of Villa Serrano and we decided to ride together for as long as our schedules coincided. They are also travelling through South America on a motorcycle.

I was unaware that the week I was in Sucre was also the week celebrating Bolivia's independence. Their day of independence is 25 de Mayo.

The whole week consisted of parades and music.

I am thinking of trading my bike in for one of these.

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