Monday, February 18, 2013

Real world Peru

I landed in the beach resort town of Mancora to chill for a few days and get some colour back in my skin. Sofar Peru has been extremely hot and dusty. My accommodations were great but all you need to do is take a little walk and see how the majority of the people in town live.

I have never felt unsafe while walking the streets, as with all the previous countries the people are great. It is just very sad the level of poverty that I see everyday.

If you want to continue on the road of experiencing real life it is a must to walk the local markets. This is where I like to go and pick up fresh fruits and vegetables. Walk with caution though as some of the things you can see in markets could put you off of food for life.

I have not seen Moto taxis since Guatemala, but they are very prevalent in Peru as well.

The main street of Mancora is typical of any beach town with numerous shops and restaurants. 

Can't get much more romantic than candlelit tables all along the beach for Valentines day. The sound of  the waves crashing in the background and the stars shinning above is the perfect setting. Unfortunately it does remind you of what a lot of people don't have on that day.

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