Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mancora to Huanchaco

 A whole lot of nothing would be the best way to describe my last ride from Mancora to Huanchaco.

Nine hours of desert with high winds and heat. I really do not know how the people in this area survive. 

What do they eat? What do they do for commerce? There is no farming of any sort that I can see. They live in extreme conditions in adobe houses with some very thin goats running around. I may have well been in Africa for all I knew.

Sand for miles and miles.

My neck was actually sore from the side wind pushing on my head and helmet for so long. You need to keep your head facing forward, so you are fighting the wind which wants to push it to the side. I hear this is still nothing compared to what is in store for me when I hit Patagonia.

Finally like an oasis the beach town of Huanchaco rises form the desert. Time to chill for a few days and enjoy the beach. The below boats (caballitos) are still used today by the fisherman to paddle out in the ocean.

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