Saturday, February 2, 2013

Country # 13

After a two hour border crossing I am finally in Ecuador. No real issues at the border just slow computers as usual. It seems though that Ecuador is starting to catch up with other countries in making foreign bike/auto insurance mandatory. 

One of the delays occurred when I was getting the mandatory SOAT insurance which I had to get prior to them issuing my customs papers. 

The funny part is I have had to get insurance in other countries as well, but have absolutely no clue about what or how much I am covered for. The Ecuador insurance cost $8 for 90 days coverage, which seems very reasonable to me.

On my way between the town of Ibarra to Quito I decided once again to take the road less traveled. I was able to find the old highway (all out of cobblestone) which lead me through some very old towns. 

The greatest thing about taking the road less travelled is you get to see real life in action. Here you have the cows and towns people sharing the same river for completely different reasons.

It still amazes me how good we have it in first world countries. Washing cloths and bathing in the rivers in most first world countries has not happened in over 100 years. Yet it can still be seen today in these countries.

Well after a great leisurely ride through back roads and small towns I hit the capital of Ecuador. I really do not have to much to say about the city other than it is big with congested traffic and the exhaust fumes to go with it. 

I am only going to stay here for two nights and then I will be off to more peaceful pastures.

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