Thursday, January 31, 2013

Adios Colombia

I am back on the road again working my way towards the border of Colombia and Ecuador. Once again I am a solo rider which suits me fine since I have had to put in a few long riding days. 

The first 7 hour day took me from Medellin to Cali and I am still amazed at the beauty of this country.  

The second day was supposed to be shorter as I was heading from Cali to a town called Pasto. But I have learnt always to expect the unexpected. First of all there is no such thing as a straight road in these countries so you usually only average 60-80 Kph.  And you can also expect significant traffic winding it's way throughout these mountain roads.

Unfortunately due to the slow going, patience becomes lost on some drivers and accidents happen. I came upon this head-on accident around 4 o'clock and only 35 km from my final destination. As you can see from the below picture traffic was backed up for hours. The positive side of riding a bike in these countries is you just bypass all the traffic and go to the front of the line and wait.

Well after my second long day I was all  set up for a short 60km ride to the Ecuador border. But prior to heading there I wanted to drop by and see Las Lajas Cathedral. The Cathedral itself is only 10 minutes from the border in a town called Potosi.

It is quite an engenering marvel as it spans over a deep river gorge. 

Well as I said earlier adios Colombia, It is time for me to hope on my bike and explore the next country.  

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