Friday, December 21, 2012

Riohacha, Colombia

While waiting in Panama to cross over to South America I decided I wanted  to go to Venezuela. Since I would be close by when landing in Cartagena Colombia I put the word out to other riders who may be interested and this created team Venezuela .

L to R Myself, Alison, Paul, Dylan
Paul and I created a route which brought us to Riohacha, Colombia on a Saturday for a stopover prior to the border crossing into Venezuela. The picture above is of what locals do on a Saturday night, and that is buy beer sold by vendors on  the main street which includes a plastic chair to sit on and people watch.
Riohacha boardwalk all lit up for xmas
Once again the people of the countries I have crossed have been more than helpful. In Riohacha we were having trouble finding a hotel for the night so we decided to ask some local police for help. They not only told us where to go but gave us a police escort to the hotel with police lights flashing. This has happened numerous times in various countries where the local police or military are more than happy to assist.

A new first buying black market fuel from Venezuela in Colombia on the side of the road. 

I love the signs on the highway that you just do not see back home. This one showed up consistantly on our ride through Colombia warning of Anteaters crossing.

Beware of the Anteater

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