Friday, November 2, 2012

Finding inner peace puts me to sleep

 Do people really read this stuff!

I have realized that finding inner peace may not be for me. I have started to read a book that millions have read and it just keeps putting me to sleep (give me my suspense and fiction novels any day). I really do not know where the author was leading to as far a meaning goes. And it looks like I will not find out as I have left the book in the hostel for another to discover. 

This easily could of happened to me if I did not put the book down in time. 

Instead I believe I will try and put myself in a good place by surrounding myself with 


beautiful scenery 

and calmness

 But I am starting to realize that being somewhat in a state of inner-turmoil has its benefits.  It allows you to feel alive and prevents you from settling. 

And that suits me just fine!

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