Friday, October 26, 2012

Is someone trying to tell me something?

Shake, Rattle and Roll

It seems natural disasters are following me and I am not sure if these are signs I need to heed or just shit happens. I thought the last natural disaster I would need to deal with was my marriage, but it seems I have a few more left in the bag.

I have been away for only five months and I have already been evacuated from an Island in Belize for a hurricane. Had a volcano blow up on me in Antigua Guatemala, and now my first major earthquake in Costa Rica.

On Oct 23 the United States Geographical Survey reported the 6.6. magnitude earthquake's epicentre was 38 miles south of Liberia, at a depth of 11.8 miles. The earthquake occurred at 6:45 p.m. local time...

I have never been through an earthquake before, so at first I was not quite sure what it was. Originally it felt similar to when a large vehicle or train passes by and you can feel the ground shake. But then the ground started to shift violently back and forth. The best analogy I can use for this is when you were a kid walking through a fun house at a fair, and they make the floor shift back and forth so it is hard to keep your balance.

Interestingly enough none of these experiences have dampened my enthusiasm to travel. In fact it has had the complete opposite effect, as there is nothing more exciting then waking up everyday and not  knowing what is coming around the next corner! 

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