Friday, October 19, 2012

It's a dogs world

Being a huge dog lover I was concerned when I left that I would see a lot of dogs in despair throughout my travels. But the total opposite has occurred with the majority in fine shape. I have seen all kinds of wild roaming packs of dogs in towns, but you can almost see the smile on their faces as they do what they do best and that is be dogs.

The above two dogs are from the hostel I am currently at and as you can see they are living the dream! What better way to kill another rainy day then chill out on the couch. Pitbull's are not prohibited in Costa Rica as they are back home and Marie (the grey Pitbull) proves the statement that it is not the breed of dog that is dangerous but the owners themselves. Marie is the friendliest and cute as hell one year old dog with not a vicious bone in her body.

What has come as a complete shock to me is the lack of cats around? Before leaving I had made the assumption that I would see a lot of feral cats. I think I have seen a total of five cats to date so far! Seems it is more of a North American problem than Central America.

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