Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Signs you are no longer at home


Honduras is full of beautiful mountain views both on and off the main roads. Thanks to a GPS that does not always provide the most accurate information you find yourself on back roads leading to unexpected views.

Road Conditions
Honduras wins hands down for the highways with the most potholes. We drove hundreds of miles of continuous potholed highways that looked like minefields. This made for very dangerous road conditions since many were at least a foot deep and could swallow up your front tire in seconds. The traffic was constantly swerving in and out of lanes trying to avoid being decimated by them.

All I am going to say is a picture is worth a thousand words

Local High Fashion
This is actually very fashionable it seems here in Honduras. I think there could be a hugh business opportunity if I bring back the half mesh shirt from the early 80's!

All I can say is guns guns everywhere there are guns. No matter if you are getting fuel or shopping in a local store there is always someone standing around guarding the location with either a handgun or shotgun hanging off their side.

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