Monday, September 24, 2012

Honduras Brewery Tour

I was close to making a grave mistake by not visiting the country of Honduras. Honduras is typically passed over by travellers because it does not have the mass amount of tourist attractions found in the surrounding countries.

As soon as I found out that Honduras had two Micro Breweries it was an easy decision! Who would have thought I would be eating authentic German food and beer in the middle of Central America! This brewery was located in the city of Copan Ruinas and served hugh portions of both food and beer.

I think I had one to many after seeing this picture. Whats with the hair!
The second brewery on route was found in the jungle near the lake of Yojoa. It was a brewery and hostel all-in-one allowing you to stumble right to your room.


This little contraption is called an Anafre and is used to heat up your beans and cheese mixture with a candle for dipping taco chips. 

Lago Yojoa

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