Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Marshmallows on a Mountain

Top of Volcano Pacaya
As usual this adventure is full of firsts. This little excursion outside of Antigua to the Volcano Pacaya was no exception. It included a bus ride halfway up the mountain followed by a steep 3.5 kilometre hike to the top.

Modelling the latest in volcano attire

Once on the top we were disappointed to see that the Lava was not flowing, but we were still able to toast marshmallows on the fissures. Lets just say the fissures were slightly hotter than your typical bonfire you would roast marshmallows on at the lake.

Unfortunately I wanted to see live lava flowing, so guess who has to hike up another damn mountain again in the near future. Should not be hard to find one since I will be following a chain of volcanos when driving south to the end of the continent.

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