Monday, September 10, 2012

It's shocking

Ok, one thing that is far and few between in Central America are hot showers. So the contraption you see below is both a blessing and suicide. As you can see they have no fear of mixing electricity with water.

This baby erred on the side of suicide. When I went to take a shower I turned on the water then stepped inside and flipped the switch. Alls good right? Well not so because as soon as I decided to go adjust the water flow ZAP!

Now you have to remember if this was a woman taking a shower, she would have enough sense not to touch the tap again before shutting off the switch. Well I am not a women, and being a man (aka little boy inside) I just had to test if I really did get zapped the first time or if I was imagining it.

So there I am standing in a puddle of water buck naked with all my glory hanging out and I just need to touch that tap again ZAP! It reminds me of being a kid and sticking my tongue to a frozen metal pole. Even before you do it you know it is going to stick because at least one of your buddies tried it before you, but you still do it anyway.

I know the guys are laughing because they know it is true and the women are shacking their heads.

When will we learn ladies...................

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