Sunday, August 12, 2012

Island time = Hurricane time

August through December is traditional hurricane season in the Caribbean. If anyone has been following the weather as of late you are aware a potential hurricane was building this past week. So while most normal people (I do not fit in this category) are thinking about where they will go inland to ride out the storm. What do I decide to do? Go to a tropical island 45 miles out into the middle of the ocean.

From the picture below it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that my little sand island, which sits about a foot above sea level and is held together by coconut trees is not going to be the best place to weather the storm. So just after one day we needed to evacuate the island. But do not fret as I have lots of rum, food and new friends to weather the storm on the mainland.

Fast forward two days and Mr Sunshine strikes again while the storm decides to track north to Mexico instead. Guess who's going back to the island!

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