Monday, August 13, 2012

Island Temptress

Glovers Island

Ah island time........The lure of white sandy beaches and swaying coconut trees ripe for rum drinks. As you arrive you are kiddy with excitement and full of adrenaline. You are ready to explore every inch of the island.

    My friends Annette and Jack from Australia

But be aware very aware for the temptress of lethargy is nearby. The first night is filled with rum drinks and fresh fish and the next day you explore while you still have zip in your step.

Coconut trees ready for rum

Day two arrives and it seems to have a odd feeling about it. You cannot put your finger on it, but you have this urge to take a nap and that zip in your step has turned into a shuffle of the feet.

When day three arrives there is no turning back as the temptress has you in her hold. You have just slept twelve hours and yet you need to take an afternoon nap.

Room with a few

By day four and five it is too late. You find yourself summoning your last bit of strength just to move from your bed to your hammock. Twelve hours of sleep and three naps a day, she has you completely in her hold. The island is small and there are fifteen quests, yet it is eerily quite.

I have heard of others on the island who came for a week and are still here after eight years. And now I find myself replaying the lyrics from the song Hotel California over and over in my head "you can check out anytime you want but you can never leave".

I must find a boat....................

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