Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Albania (Country #33)

After leaving the island of Corfu Greece it was off to the Albania border which was only  a mere 29 km from the ferry landing. I had planned to stay in the town of Sarande, Albania but was making such good time I decided to push on.

One of my stops along the way was to find the Blue Eye.

It is an underground spring of such clarity it is hard to believe. I originally thought I would be able to go for a swim but a sign read that the water is a chilly 10C degrees. 

You can easily drink this water straight from the pond.

I had to get a shot of these beautiful dragonflies that were all along the waters edge. At least thats what they looked like to me. I just have never seen any this colour before.

After cutting through the mountains and waiting out a rain storm at a petrol station. I finally reached my destination of the traditional Albanian town of Gjirokastra.

It is a quaint little town known for its castle that over looks the town.

It has been a while since I had to drive Fred up stairs and into the hotel lobby for safe parking. It sure brought back memories of Latin America where this was a common occurrence. 

The castle

This passage way was lined with German artillery on the left and French and Italian artillery on the right.

As cool as this mini tank was it sure gave you a feeling of claustrophobia when you looked inside. Once inside you were committed.

A glancing shot over looking the valley.

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