Monday, March 23, 2015

A little wee bit o' maintenance

I know everyone thinks it is all fun and games out here on the road. But just like taking care of myself I need to look after my mate Fred as well. So while chilling at a hotel I gave Fred a good look over and realized it was time to throw a new set of breaks on. 
So with beer in hand and iPod playing I had a new set of front and rear brakes on in about one hour.

Now the bike itself has performed flawlessly to date. And any issues i may have had have definitely be self inflicted. Once again I blew the front fork seals from riding way to hard. The first time was in Peru when I hit a huge bolder at speed and dented my rim (blew the tire) and jammed the forks so hard that the left seal was damaged. This time I was so fed up with the piece of crap roads (or lack of) that i was riding to hard for the conditions and bottomed the forks one to many times. And the result is not just one but two blown seals.

Thankfully I was only 500km away form Delhi where they had a Triumph dealership. And as per usual I was treated like royalty. When I arrived they dropped all other projects and went to work on Fred. 

A few hours later and Fred was good to go!

Here is proof that I have been sitting on my ass for the last three years. I wore out the top of my Airhawk riding cushion. So off I went and found a tailor in the market. And for $4 including material he replaced the top.

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