Thursday, February 26, 2015

Namaste from country # 30 Nepal (Kathmandu)

If you have not been to Nepal before it may surprise you that half of the country is actually sub-tropical. When thinking of Nepal most people conjure up visions of the majestic Himalayas. In reality  you will find lush foliage and green fields in the southern half of the country. 

Over looking Kathmandu

Just like my past two countries Myanmar and India, it seems you just can't get away from the smog blocking views of the country side. 

The main tourist area of KTM (Kathmandu) is Thamel. The streets are narrow and crazy with traffic, but loaded with restaurants, bakeries and every piece of trekking clothing you can find. 

The Pink Palace (prior resident of kings). 
Sorry not much more to say or show since cameras were not allowed inside. 

A traditional Nepal staple called Momo's.

Here you can get either a vegetable or pork filling. They usually cover them with a dal type sauce. 

Tell me why do all religious monuments require you to walk up or down hundreds of stairs?

The top of the Buddhist temple Swayambhu.

Lighting incense and preparing offerings.

The Hindi holy men of Nepal and India otherwise called sadhus. No one is really quite sure if they've been officially designated holy men or if this is a self proclamation. 

Here is a great link describing what they really are

Just a short walk from the centre of Thamel you will find the square. There is also another in Patan across the river from KTM.

Well after spending a week in KTM trying to arranging shipping of Fred to future destinations. It was time to say goodbye to some of the greatest staff I have met at a hotel. 

The night prior to my departure they made me a traditional Nepal meal and presented Fred with a Nepal flag (seen in picture). In the morning they presented me with a traditional Nepal scarf to bring good luck in my future travels. 
So if you are ever in Kathmandu I would suggest staying at the Kathmandu Boutique Hotel. 

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