Friday, September 12, 2014

Opp's got on the wrong plane

The greatest thing about travelling the way I do is the freedom. If you read my last blog I was sitting in Bangkok making arrangements to set off to Central Asia and the middle East. The next thing you know I wake up and find myself on a plane heading home for a visit.

How great is that! And yes it is just a visit but I defiantly want to take advantage of it and enjoy what my city and province has to offer.

One thing Canada has in abundance is scenery and amazing wilderness. What better way to enjoy it then spending some time fishing with friends in lake/cabin country.

Catch of the day is fresh pickerel/walleye.

The province of Manitoba is known as the Polar Bear capital of the world. About a 1000 km north in the town of Churchill you will find these great animals. Now since I did not have time to head North I decided to go by our zoo and see the new exhibit. 

One thing you do not have to go a 1000 km to see are wolves. Even though they did have them at the zoo. A trip into cabin country in the winter can provide an opportunity to see them in the wild.

Don't fret as I will be back on the road again after the christmas holidays. I then plan to pick up Fred in Bangkok and head East to Central Asia. 
Myanmar is the target if all works out.

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