Monday, May 19, 2014

Island of Java

As I was cursing across Java I had made contact through a riders forum with Robby from Solo (Surakarta). He always wants riders from around the world to drop by and say hi. I am extremely glad I did as his hospitality was amazing and I ended up staying two nights. I had a chance to meet his wife and sons and he could not do enough to provide me with any help I may need. Robby owns a parts and accessories store/shop in Solo and can help service any of the larger bikes as well. 

Decided to take a trishaw ride to the local museum.

The museum did not have a whole lot to see, but there were some interesting old coaches from days gone past.

After leaving Solo my goal was to hit one of the largest temples in Indonesia called Borododur.

Amazing temple with great views of the surrounding hills. Be prepared though to be asked to have your picture taken by groups of school kids. It seems that if you are caucasian they get bonus school marks for asking you questions and having their picture taken with you.

It would be wise to also go early as possible since the crowds can get very large.

Once again something you would just not see in a western country. This kid was asking for money from the passengers and in return he would jump off the top of the ferry! It just amazes me how the ferry staff do not seem concerned if he kills himself while jumping off there ship. In Western countries this has liability and lawsuit written all over it.

I believe the picture of his less than perfect diving form tells you how his landing went.

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