Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tour of Timor

It has been a while since I have posted but it seems internet quality will be a challenge throughout Southeast Asia. To try and download photos is extremely painful if the internet even works. So be patient over the next few months. I have also created a video for Timor but that could be a while before I find any internet with the capability to download a video file.

Fred finally arrived in Dili and it seems he made a friend from New Zealand along the way. All in all the shipping went well from Darwin and Fred was only four days late.  Getting the bikes from customs also went smoothly and the bikes were ready to go a day after they arrived.

Decided to stop for a swim
After we got the bikes out of customs. Mark and I decided to head to the east end of Timor to see some of the Island. Even though we are both working our way to Indonesia. We will be heading to 
Kupang at different times since Mark has to wait for a few things he forgot in Darwin to arrive. 

Island shack

Some of the coastline actually looked like you were in Hawaii.

Definitely something new I have not seen in my travels. Water buffalo were every enjoying the mud. I guess they go hand in hand with the rice fields.

Stayed our first night at the Bacua Beach Bungalows. Enjoyed the evening swimming and opening fresh coconuts.

You cannot see them but along with the people on the roof are two goats. 

Stopped in a little town for a break and were swarmed by children. When this happens I usually take my GPS and show them where they are in the world. It always gets laughs and puts a smile on there faces.

Well the next post will becoming from Indonesia as I will be crossing over to catch a 15 hour ferry from the city of Kupang to Larantuka on the Island of Flores. Kupang is at the far west end of the Island of Timor on the Indonesian side.
Joyfully this makes it country number 23 in my travels!

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