Sunday, March 3, 2013

The road to Know where (Day 3 Huaraz )

Day three turned out to be the perfect weather for escaping the little village of Santa Ana and getting back on the main road to Huaraz. And as usual the ride out to the main highway provided beautiful scenery.

Taking a break at a crossroad

Cotton fields with a sand dune in the background

Clive oh so happy to be back on pavement after 3 days

To prove the beauty of this country the paved road to our final destination of Huaraz was just as spectacular (guess we could have came this way the first time).

Decided to stop at a fruit stand and try Pacay. It looks like a giant pea pod with seeds covered in a sweet white fuzz. They seeds look very similar to butterfly cocoons. 

Also tried a local juice made from the purple corn that is grown in the region (sorry can't remember the name). Basically taste like a sweet fruit drink.

This was from a prior day with the mango spill, but I just like how the picture shows who the real people of Peru are.

And finally the reason we wanted to climb over 4000 meters. The snow covered peaks felt so close at times you thought you could reach out and touch them.

Me getting artsy with my photos

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