Sunday, January 6, 2013

San Gil to Villa de Leyva

We used San Gil as a stop over on our way to Villa de Leyva.

San Gil turned out to be quite the vibrant spot and unbeknown to us a vacation spot for Colombians. 

Because of it's vibrancy and my bad ankle from the crash we decided to stay two days.

Local market selling fresh vegetables, fruit and of course coffee.

On our way to the town of Villa de Leyva I was once again caught of gaurd by some of the out of place things I see.

One moment you are looking at traditional ways and then bang! In the middle of remote country you come across an oval rollerblading rink?

Old ways again. 

Something else you will not see at home. I have been meaning to post this for a while as it is not uncommon to see water come in bags and not plastic bottles. I will assume the concept is to help reduce landfill waste, but the only challenge is once opened you have to finish it before putting it down.

The town Villa de Leyva had by far the largest centre court I have seen to date.

As with any town you arrive in goal #1 is to find accommodations. What came as a complete surprise was to see a campground in town, so we could not resist and set camp. I have not camped since being in the U.S.A.

The town as usual was surrounded by beautiful colonial streets.

 And as with all centre squares they come alive at night.

People come out to socialize while listening to music and drinking.

So as is pretty much every night Paul and I headed out to the centre square to blend in with the locals  and have a few bubblies 

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