Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sarteneja, Belize continued: Fred and I had one hell of a day on these back roads. We took two rickety ferry rides and rode through miles of mud and potholes. I owe Fred an apology because I new it would only be a matter of time before I laid him out in the dirt. I do not think it is bad though considering I have put in over 10,000 km of questionable roads. I not only did this once today but twice as you can see from the pictures. The roads are clay based and it is the rainy season here so the backend went out on me twice.

Now I really need to put Fred on a diet as it took me nearly 45 mins to figure a way to pick the bike up. Usually when you drop the bike it lands on the side cases which gives you some leverage as it is not lying completely flat. But this time the side case came off and all 600 lbs of Fred was lying flat on the ground. Even after removing all my gear I still had to squat 500lbs off the ground! The picture is deceiving since the road looks dry, but is actually like riding with two wheels on ice.

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